Job Offer : Mistress Tish At Her Finest

This book, and for no good reason, has been languishing for the last 2 months. In fits and starts it has grown to have three first class corporal sessions, each different and all of them very special. The session with Robyn pleases me every time I revisit on it.

Looking back on this series and the sessions, they are all radically different and each offers insights to pro-domme BDSM sessions with bondage and heavy corporal in abundance. Not only that, but Angel (you remember her from book 2) gets plenty of action and brings steamy happy endings to clients. I do like Angel.

Not only focusing on the BDSM side, the book starts the real story, the story of Mistress Tish pursuing her life’s true love of physics and mathematics.

I’m toying with putting this book on pre-order which will force me to finish it in a timely manner.

The Mistress Tish Story

Underlying all the book is the story of Mistress Tish. Here for the first time (in the third book of this series) her life and loves are exposed. Previously she has been the consummate BDSM mistress. No we see her progression through life.

Here we meet her alter ego, the young woman who grew up then became the Physicist Dominatrix.

Sequel : Base Dominatrix

The sequel to Job Offer has been mostly written. It takes the story forward showing Mistress Tish working her magic on the base scientists, whipping them into shape but also her physics work begins in earnest.

For once she is finding her PhD in physics is being used and she is loving it. She gets to work in her chosen field, and she also gets to stress relieve and do the kind of work she has a special aptitude for.

There are only a few small problems. Oversight by the government accountability office, the chairman of the joint chiefs and the base HR psychiatrist. Can’t they accept success!

Oh. And there are plenty of side-track plots happening, the CIA, SEALs, a German physicist, a town chief of police with near psychic powers and plenty more fun reading.


My Best Seller : Strict Learning

After just 2 days live, Strict Learning has sold more than I have of my other titles. Also, page reads are doing well which is pleasing.

If you have a copy – and have read it – some reviews would be appreciated. In writing a 60k word story, there is a lot of time spent and I’d love to have (hopefully positive) feedback. I know I can get very ‘wordy’ and get wrapped up in descriptions, terribly so, to please tell me if that is happening too much.

Also, while you’re reviewing, what was the best part (I hope there was one!)? Was it the classroom discipline? Was it the special times between Cath and Simon or was it the session Cath had with Ms Smeet?

Would you like to see a book focusing on Ms Smeet, from her perspective? That feels like a good challenge to rise to. What does the formidable Ms Smeet do for her own stress relief? Does she have a lover? Is there a corporal connection between Ms Smeet and a possible lover? All good questions.

Big question. What is Ms Smeet’s first name? Now that makes my mind wander. I’m thinking ‘Charlotte’ at the moment.

The book Strictly Learning is my biggest, over 60,000 words and on special promotional pricing for a week or two. I’m tempted to keep it at that price for longer, especially if it translates into sales of other titles.

School Corporal

In my day corporal punishment was an accepted teaching aid at school. It was the cure-all for inattention, talking in class and any number of other indignities a teacher had to suffer.

I remember the fear of corporal punishment, trying hard in class to avoid it, and the few times I received it, it leaving me embarrassed. There was a pain element but standing out the front of class to be strapped and having every eye on me was the worst part.

Looking back on it, it was pretty barbaric to beat children with a strap for any reason yet in my day it didn’t raise an eyebrow.

I’m glad times have changed.


Strict Learning Live. First sales are in. Special pricing.

The “Pre-Order” – Strict Learning has just now gone live and I’m seeing the first sales already. Thank You!

I’ve set this 60,000 word book to $1 for the coming week as a promotion – it will then revert to a more sensible pricing.

Strictly Learning Synopsis

For those who’ve not looked, this title is set in a secondary school for problem girls. They’ve got attitude, been expelled from other schools and so this is their last chance to get an education.

Classroom discipline from the predominately female teaching staff is quick and effective. The use of a split strap, a fine leather tawse, to the hands of unruly girls gets their immediate attention and assists in their behavior.

The school is strongly led by headmistress Ms Smeet. She enforces no nonsense strict discipline of the girls using heavy doses of corporal punishment. Taking a note to her office ensures sore hands and makes sitting difficult for a few hours afterwards. Then, if a girls is late to class because of a visit to Ms Smeet, the consequences escalate painfully.

Additionally, some of the teachers and parents find they have a need for corporal punishment at the hands of Ms Smeet who is only too happy to oblige.

Ms Smeet’s Discipline Room

Tall, elegant, direct and strict, Ms Smeet is an ideal headmistress. She understands the use of corporal punishment for behavior modification and to assist students in their education. Have you done your homework? No? Not a problem, take this note to Ms Smeet. You won’t forget again.

Ms Smeet is also attracting staff and parents needing more than the average ‘bend for six of the best’ type discipline. They want restraints and other special extras to enhance their experience. She invests in custom furniture and lots of gear to make their time memorable.

Cath finds that her next session, a huge part of the last part of the book, is more heavy than any previous and when she’s joined by another woman in need of discipline, the session brings new experiences. Never had she imagined that being in bondage, being gagged during discipline, or listening to someone else getting her strapping and canning could work so well.

If you find school corporal punishment from teachers, and a visit to the headmistresses office ‘interesting’, please grab your copy quickly!

Strict Learning uploaded for Release

Coming in at 61,000 words and 150 A4 pages, Strict Learning is my biggest book to date.  I just now checked, the corporal and bondage session goes from page 81 to page 147. It’s a HUGE session.

You get this for $1 – but hurry. It is going up in price very soon.

I just now finished the second full edit and have uploaded it into Amazon for release. I hope any errors or mistakes don’t detract from the book.

Twice as long is Four Times Harder

I’ve found with this book, that as the size gets bigger, the time and difficulty increases disproportionately. Doubling the size of a book increases edit and review time far more than that.

It feels like a factor of four increase in difficulty for a doubling of size.

Why? I’ll have to give this more thought. Maybe it’s a psychological thing, I’m less productive with longer books? Not sure, but it feels like it may be true.

Also, longer stories mean longer plots which are harder to keep together.

More thought required. ‘Trikki

Strict Learning, Teaching Teachers Series, edit complete

I’ve just finished editing Strict Learning the first book of the ‘Teaching Teachers’ series and my next to be released. It’s on pre-order now.

Editing has chopped nearly 2,000 words from it, leaving it at around 59,800 words and I’m appy with it. It has an enormous amount of action in there. My goodness! So much action.

Maybe I should have made it into 3 books as there are three distinct aspects to it. Classroom discipline, the bedroom action, then a massive femdom session at the end.

After going through it word for word, it is apparent it is a book for lovers of corporal punishment, bondage and lovely steamy sex. There is a LOT of corporal in there and the sex is rather nice.

Over the coming days I’ll edit it in key places then upload for release. Do please consider.

Pre-release special order pricing

If school discipline and the cane and strap hold a special place for you, then Strict Learning / Teaching Teachers is for you.

Do please checkout the pre-order. It is on special pricing for just one week after release.


Robyn’s Session – Except from Job Offer

In amongst editing ‘Strict Learning’ my next book for release, I had a quick look in next book in the Physicist Dominatrix series, ‘Job Offer’ which is about 95% complete.

I was revising it because an idea came to mind which I wanted to get down on file before it slipped through the mental cracks.

Job Offer – Book 3 of thePhysicist Dominatrix Series

‘Job Offer’ is a pretty crap title erotica-wise, but when you’re interviewing a dominatrix for a job, how would that go? Can you imagine the kind of assessment required? Is she going to be the right kind of dominatrix? Is she able to craft the kinds of sessions required?

Now, not only is the actual job interview a focus for the book, but also a number of sessions are given in the book. One is to Robyn, someone desperately needing a session for all the normal reasons.

Robyn breaks new ground for my books so far. In a previous life there was a Robyn for me and so I channeled what I think that Robyn would require in a session. For those who would like to read about a female corporal session, this should appeal.

Here is an Excerpt

Scene : The start of Robyn’s session. Mistress Tish has put Robyn into suspension and is about to administer the first corporal of the session.

“The belt first,” she said when she was standing in front of Robyn. She took off her wide leather belt and wrapped it round her fist till just a foot was hanging free. Pulling on it, tightening it up, she extended that to just under a foot and a half. Then putting it over her shoulder and bringing it forward with a lazy forehand round-house stroke she strapped it across Robyn’s left breast a cracking blow.

The breast wobbled and Robyn shook, jumped and gasped, her eyes half closed as she was well into the dream already, free falling into sub space. She’d obviously been looking forward to this, thinking about it, wanting it.

“Yahhh. YOU fucking BASTARD!” screamed Robyn at the top of her lungs, penetrating out through the door and echoing into the corridor beyond.

The transformation was instant and complete and shocking. The first time this had happened she’d been astounded, thinking Robyn was cursing Mistress out but it became clear quickly.

She gave Robyn’s right breast a healthy back hand stroke of the belt and Robyn screamed out, “yaahhh, you’re such a bastard Jeremy, I’ll fucking kill you, you sick bastard.”

She gave Robyn another forehand then a backhand stroke of the end of the belt to Robyn’s breasts and each time she swore at Jeremy calling him every name under the sun.

Robyn is a pleasing character. I can see a future for her in this series. I’m thining book-5 (partially written) perhaps? More later.


Strict Learning pre-order

First pass editing is almost complete on this new book. I'm happy with where it is going, sharpening up the dialog and looking closely at the action to make sure it's flowing.

Classroom discipline is something that has been dear to the hearts of many bringing back strong feelings. In 'Teaching Teachers' the strap and can are not spared.

A Small Sample

Scene. Ms Dupree has had  her class interrupted by two girls running down the corridor and shouting. She finds them in Mr Hughes class where she administers discipline. Mr Huges finds he admires the sight of Monica and her strap.

Ms Dupree nodded slowly, "You two! Hands up!" She pointed her strap at the two late comers who were looking terrified now.

Slowly the two girls raised their left hands then supported them with their right. Ms Dupree walked in front of the first, flicked her strap out so it landed into the upheld palm, stepped back slightly, pulled the strap back then flicked it over her shoulder.

When her left hand went behind her back and gripped the tails he noticed something for the first time. With her breasts jutting out provocatively from her sheer top, her knees slightly bent and the stockings leading up to her short skirt, she looked erotic-hot. This was damnably erotic watching her give a strapping!

Monica strained for a moment as she pulled the strap between her hands and then with a tug the strap swished through the air to crack down on the unlucky palm bringing a scream to the unfortunate recipient’s throat that could not be contained. "Change hands," was the terse command.

The stroke was repeated so that the girl now had two enormously throbbing palms leaving her visibly shaken by the power of the strap slamming into her soft palms. The other girl was then to have her turn with Ms Dupree standing in front of her measuring the distance. Then the strap was withdrawn, flicked over the shoulder, its tails gripped then brought down with yet another sharp and mighty crack. Similarly the other hand was strapped so that now both girls stood shaking their stinging hands and looking distressed.

Then the ominous word from Ms Dupree, "Again," brought sobs, "Please no Ms Dupree. Please," they pleaded in unison but in vain.

Ah, classroom discipline. How times have changed.

In 'Teaching Teachers' you'll find a new slant on olden day discipline but that's not all. Here some of the teachers take a little old fashioned discipline also.

You'll find this on amazon at Strict Learning

Special pre-order pricing is still in place. Do take advantage of this to get a 60,000+ word hot eBook for a bargain basement price.


Meet Ms Smeet – school headmistress

Meet Ms Smeet, school headmistress.

Being sent to her office often ends in tears, that is unless the visit is a special after hours one. In that case Ms Smeet will discipline parents and teachers alike, and it won't be just the strap and cane.

Editing of Strict Learning is going well, it is my longest book to date, topping 61,000 words. Special pre-order pricing has been set. On release it will increase.

Please consider - 'Trikki