Update – Back To Work


Well, I checked today and saw it's been a month since my last post. Wow, time has flown. So, what has Trikki been up to?

Simple answer; traveling in body and spirit.

Sight Seeing

Traveling to remote parts of the country, meeting the people and experiencing even the small parts of their lives that I can is a rare pleasure.

Having a connection to real people is the only way to love life and how could a writer attempt to publish anything without some kind of connection to people?

Sure, my writings are very fetish, niche erotica but people are people.

The other thing is that meeting people from all walks of life grounds me. There are so many lovely people out in the world ready to talk and connect. They all have a story.

Letting the mind wander

For a writer of erotica, letting the mind wander is always risky. You never know what might pop in. This time and for no good reason I penned the outline for "Full Service Sorority."

The skinny on this is a frat house where BDSM is the accepted norm. Students are under the care of a 'Duty Domme' with plenty of BDSM activities to keep them on their toes.



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