Pre-Order – Strict Learning, 60,000 words eboook

I’ve decided to set a hard-limit on publishing my next book. On 22 Jan 2018 it will be finished for delivery on 23 Jan.

I’ve done this to force myself to finish it NOW. After all, it is written and I just need to edit it ruthlessly.

~~ un-edited excerpt

Every movement of her body made her aware of her predicament. Moving her shoulders pulled on her arms making the straps holding her tightly dig in slightly and the waist strap move against her. Moving her hips, rotating them slightly, did the same for the straps holding her legs but also made her hotter and hotter. Moving her head upward slightly, to look ahead, pulled on the strap holding the penis gag in her mouth and that was in itself strangely erotic. It was a little like a man was holding her head and thrusting slightly, squeezing her slightly as he thrust inward so it wasn’t difficult to let her imagination run riot.

Not long later she heard from Ms Smeet in her office, “So girl, you’ve heard my other client taking a strapping from my lovely belt on her bare bottom. Now it’s well and truly time for you to trial having a hot bottom from my belt. Drop your trousers,” came the very sharp command from the office, echoing slightly across the floor.

The delay was not that long, only maybe a minute but then the command, “Bend over the chair girl, grasp the sides of the seat in front. If you let go, I’ll give you an extra six of the best.” Ms Smeet was sounding definite and in control, just as she normally was.

Seconds later came the familiar cracking sound of leather belt on buttocks. As she lay bound and gagged over the strapping stool she realized the sound of someone getting a good hard strapping was really quite erotic and something she would not have thought of before. Now, the regular crack of belt on bottom just made her hotter and hotter and as she was so tightly restrained onto the strapping stool, it just made her hotter and hotter again.

Being denied the ability to masturbate was an erotic and delicious frustration.

Each crack of the belt preceded a shrill cry from the woman bent over the chair. Clearly this was more intense than she was expecting. Her own experience of the belt was that it certainly stung like the devil but it was nothing to scream out about. Maybe the woman was new to corporal punishment?


I hope you enjoyed it – ‘Trikki

Not that I’m complaining…

Far from complaining. Wonders will never cease, and it goes to show what a great judge of popular demand I am (not).

My first ever title, Book-1, “Rick’s First Session” remains my best seller. In fact, it is the only book I’ve sold this last 10 days.  What surprises is that it is a very simple book. Sure, it is somewhat true to life, the session  is taken from a lot of  notes given to me and Rick proof read and corrected me in many places., but I thought others would be far more popular.

“Rick’s First Session” documents a very heavy corporal punishment session with a dominatrix.  Rick has lost his usual dominatrix, she’s left the country, so he eventually settles on Mistress Tish who relishes heavy corporal.

I thought Book-2, “Adam’s Angel” would be far more popular. Adam has a corporal session with Mistress Tish and sub-Angel gives him a very special and happy ending.

Book-3 sees a return of Rick to Mistress Tish. This book expands significantly and focuses on Mistress Tish, there are multiple sessions and she goes to a job interview. How do you interview a dominatrix? I had a lot of fun with this book.

Happy reading – ‘Trikki

Time off for a few days.

Our Christmas was such a wonderful success and now the New Year celebrations are imminent I find myself vastly relaxed.

For once in a long time, I find myself completely unable to write or edit so I’ve decided, I’ll take a few days off.

That said, I know I’ll be back into it soon. I’m hoping to publish ‘Strict Learning’ next. It’s big, it’s written and now I’m pruning out the (vast) dross. It is a difficult time as I review my own work and say ‘that’s crap – why did I say that,’ then chop it out.

I’ve also got Chapter-2 of “FemDom Buddy” my little serial free story almost done. Spoilers – Ralph gets to enjoy all the fruits of a dominatrix. I hope to publish that in the first week or three of the new year. Dammit. Saying that makes me want to give it some polish.

Another free story I’m putting together, un-named as yet, is from Rick and his failed adventure into domestic discipline. He’s sketched out a few pages for me and his suggestion of the name, “C.P. Coming Out” is not bad. I’ve written a few thousand undisciplined words I just need to whip into shape. Maybe I should get Mistress Tish to help as it’s her specialty and I am feeling a bit of writer’s block.

Never mind all that. It’s relaxing time.

For now, enjoy – ‘Trikki

Excerpt – Physicist Dominatrix Book-4

Book-4 of the Physicist Dominatrix series has our intrepid protagonist working both as a scientist and as a BDSM practitioner seeing to the specialist needs of other scientists. I’ve got it mostly written and how it connects to the soon to be released Book-3 .

Here, she is being asked how she’s achieved such a remarkable turn around in the people she’s sessioned. The general has no idea what’s been done but he is suspicious based on information from the base psych doctor ‘Josh’.


“Josh said you play act better than anyone he’s ever seen. Now me, I’ve been thinking something. If I bring in my own team of MPs and we tear this base apart. What are we going to find then Doctor Swift? Will there be any surprises?”

That did it. She turned off the sob story look instantly. She put on the superior look as the inner dominatrix unfurled her claws. She lifted her head up then smiled sharply, the kind of smile that held no warmth and was designed to intimidate. “So general,” she said then stopped for a moment, taking control of the conversation.

In my estimation, in two months time their productivity will decline. Give it six months then James and Vanessa will be twitchy. In twelve months James will be screaming at the walls and Vanessa will be bouncing off them. That is if they don’t suicide or do something there is no coming back from. Send them to St. Claire and you can expect a few months reprieve at best. It failed before, you repeat failing strategies?”

General Moore sat looking at her, knowing there was more to come. He looked owlishly at her, at the sudden transformation. “Young Josh did get some things right then,” he said. “Remarkable.” The change in her was extreme. Gone was the passive shy scientist.

She wasn’t finished, he’d not felt the hot breath on his neck, not suffered under the lash of the dominatrix. “You make it difficult for me and when that day comes, as it will,” she put her foot out, showed him her toes, wiggled them, “You will crawl on your knees and kiss my toes, individually, before I work my magic. Oh. And a written apology with three boxes of Lindt chocolate.” She said it quietly, held up three fingers, and gave it her best Mistress threat voice.


I find Mistress Tish a lot of fun to write for.




Excerpt – Strict Learning – Teaching the Teachers

Teaching The Teachers is a new series. I’m editing book-1, Strict Learning.

It’s painful. I’m doing more removing than adding of content in editing this new book. Going back over what I wrote a year ago I see so much to change.

Here’s a warts and all except;


Ms Smeet took her strap off the side table, holding it in both hands in front of her, waiting for Cath to obey.

“You need your hands strapped young lady, before and after you ride my lovely new strapping stool. A nice six of the very best to those hands for you to feel whilst your bottom is getting a dose of my belt. Your hands can be stinging as I use my nice new belt then the prison strap. Your hot stinging hands will be firmly strapped to my stool when I cane you so hard across that little bottom of yours it will take your mind off your throbbing hands.”

She looked Cath in the eyes and smiled as she added slowly and firmly, raising and lowering her strap in her hands for emphasis, “That’s six of the very best to each hand young lady,” she said as she ran her strap through her hands slowly, relishing the feel of the leather and making Cath aware of the strap.

Ms Smeet understood extremely well; her saying ‘strapped’ and ‘strapping’ and emphasizing it whilst holding her trusty strap in her hand was a major part of the whole process.

She knew Cath would be watching, looking at the strap, thinking about what was going to happen and how much it was going to hurt. Hearing the words and the certainty would all be adding to the moment, adding to the inner tremors of excitement. When she raised the strap and let it fall, when she ran it through her hands, it was like a magnet to Cath’s eyes, making her focus and taking all thoughts of anything else right out of her mind and replacing it with the words ‘strap’ and ‘strapped’ and ‘strapping’ echoing around inside her head.


It’s painful to read. I’m thinking I’ll cull lots of the text to leave just the core of the story; Cath gets a strapping. I might save the original, painful though it is.

Erotica: One handed reads -vs – Trikki Watson

My kindle has a few BDSM based stories I looked at this morning. The genre is as you’d expect,spanking, caning and tawsing with some bondage and sex thrown in for variety. I quite enjoy them and hark back to my own experiences of corporal punishment and bondage as I read.
Then I looked at two of my own stories, “Young again” and “Unleashing Morgan” which are heavy corporal punishment based with sex as the finishing touch. Both have bondage and sex in bondage and the protagonists have mostly happy endings.
So how did the Trikki Watson books stand up in comparison (considering I’m totally the wrong person to ask)?
Mine are longer reads and slower to ‘get going’ into the action. I thought I identified with my characters more and they had more substance. The actual strapping, caning and tawse action was also longer. They just didn’t get six of the best with ‘swish – crack- scream’ they got much more than that, descriptions of the leather meeting flesh, the heat of the discipline invading their genitals and the hot erotic feelings they had. They had ‘feelings’ from the bondage, from watching the scene, and I liked that.
Mine was a slower read to get into. Pure and simple.
The other books were very good though. I like the “Annie Bee” books – Annie Bee On Amazon – and I see a new one I’ll purchase soon. Her use of the tawse also sets her apart from ‘cane and spank’ type writers. As a keen participant of tawse play, and owning a few myself, I do enjoy her books.

So, “one handed reads” and Trikki Watson are possible but you need to find the place were the action starts. For some books it mage be 1/2 to 1/3 of the way into the book. In upcoming books the actions starts very promptly with a session that may be a one-hand-able read. Having said that, “Teaching The teachers” where Cath meets the strapping stool is totally worth waiting for (it is in final edit stage). If you’ve read up to that point and identify with Cath, her time on the strapping stool is special, not to mention the fun time when her boyfriend sorts out her itch.

Variety in all things – ‘Trikki


I’ve arrived!
My blog is now attracting spam comments, links to naughty sites, stupid comments. I take that as a positive sign that I’m getting an audience, of sorts.
Needless to say they hit the trash very quickly.

Writers Block – Fallback #1

Just now got up. With a full day of leisure in front of me I can’t focus on Book-3 ‘job Offer’ of the Physicist Dominatrix series. This book is at about 42,000 words and needs another 10,000+ words to finish the content before serious editing. I seem to be sitting here doing anything possible to avoid doing those ten-k words.
Case in point, this is my 3rd blog entry for the day.
Why can’t I get it done? I have no idea. I do know I’m not feeling the connection, the immersion that I need to complete the book ‘right now’ like I should. I know I can generate that content in a day or two at most. Then there will be an editing process, then I can publish. It is frustrating.
So, what to do?
I’ve decided to spend a few hours revising my first book ‘Ricks First Session’ to add a few chapters about the session from the perspective of Mistress Tish. How would she view Rick’s email? Then meeting him? Then how does she feel about the session itself with it’s very heavy C.P. content? I’m finding it engrossing, and it will build Mistress Tish’s personality which is very much needed for book-3 anyway.
The only down side is that it gives me an excuse not to be doing book-3, productive thought it may be.
Hope that makes sense.
What a lovely new day. I hope yours is as good or better – ‘Trikki

Christmas 2017 – please – a blessing for happiness, peace and love to all

My humble little blog has few readers and in some ways that makes it easier to be more honest as I’ll probably offend fewer people. Speaking from the heart should be just that, and not moderated for the sake of offense.
It has been a trend over the last dozen or more years that we in the West are in appeasement mode for people of other cultures and religions who choose to live here. If you are one of those people, then I truly wish you well. However I really don’t care about appeasement. You live here, then you really should be accepting of us, the same as we should be accepting of you. I mean that. We can’t be your original birth country, but at least we can try to support and embrace you. I think it fair for you to do the same to your new country.
I hate the thought of using a “you” and “us” type dialog. That is wrong. You live here and so you now are part of “us”, you are part of us. The “us” is all of us.
What upsets me is the trend to deny our own culture, our own heritage, and to deny that history was just that. History. We live as we do now for many reasons and many of those are because of history. Trying to deny atrocities and injustices is pointless and as rude as denying that we are the product of our ancestors.
What we should be doing is saying ‘we are as we now are’ and accept our life and embrace our opportunity at life.
Put simply, we must live and love and move forward.
If you don’t agree with a Christmas celebration, I really don’t have a problem with that. You are entitled to do so. I accept that. I accept that many religions don’t acknowledge Christmas, they have their own celebration. The Chinese have a huge Chinese New Year celebration and the little I know of it makes me think it is a lovely thing. Lovely. I believe in family, and the Chinese having a rich sense of family makes this a lovely time.
But no one should deny me and my children the Magic Of Christmas.
So, what is the ‘Magic Of Christmas’ then?
To me it is to bring family together, to enjoy each other’s company and to rejoice in our love. Christmas should also be about our children, giving them a day to enjoy, to look forward to, to laugh so hard they cry with happiness. Mixed in with that is the hope deep inside that the new year will bring happiness and peace. How nice! To think that the upcoming year will be a good one.
My 2017 was lovely. Celebrating our Christmas with family, the happiness still lingers. I saw children’s face light up with pleasure. I saw a partner’s tears of joy when a present was opened. Those are some of the best memories of my 2017 Christmas.
Maybe the social justice warriors will jump up and say this is all ‘White Privilege’ – so what would you like me to do or say about it? I work hard as did my parents and I live my life as I do, the best I can, and try to make the world and people around me better for my presence. If that offends you then quite frankly it is time for you to grow up, wake up and smell the roses. Life can be good and it is up to you and the people you misguidedly feel you represent to try to live that life. Happiness does take some work to achieve and it does take acceptance, being a social justice warrior is not that kind of work.
Sorry. I got derailed there in a senseless rant. However it does highlight that life is for living and loving and for us to do that ourselves.
I wish all my readers the most beautiful and loving Christmas and a wonderful new year with with all possible peace and happiness. Peace and happiness to ALL.
Do, love, live life – ‘Trikki

25 Things

I just now joined KBOARDS for Kindle users. user name ‘Trikki’ and I was pleased to get that simple name.
In looking around I realized what a limited attention span I have for forum posts and basically most things on-line.
Then I saw reference to “25 things about me” so I read a few. I was astounded at the depth of emotional content that can and is provided.
One man said he didn’t know what love was till he held it newborn son. He also said he was a domestic abuse survivor.
My first thought was ‘respect’ that he had risen above it to make a success of his life and not use it for victim-status and an excuse. Then that turned to ‘strength’ the more I read. Finally, now, I’m thinking ‘inspiring’.
I’m of course thinking of my own 25 things and now it feels an insurmountable challenge. I would write maybe 100, rate them and just submit the top 25. Being honest would be difficult and the more I think of it, the more emotional I get (I can feel the tears now).
Be kind – ‘Trikki