My Best Seller : Strict Learning

After just 2 days live, Strict Learning has sold more than I have of my other titles. Also, page reads are doing well which is pleasing.

If you have a copy – and have read it – some reviews would be appreciated. In writing a 60k word story, there is a lot of time spent and I’d love to have (hopefully positive) feedback. I know I can get very ‘wordy’ and get wrapped up in descriptions, terribly so, to please tell me if that is happening too much.

Also, while you’re reviewing, what was the best part (I hope there was one!)? Was it the classroom discipline? Was it the special times between Cath and Simon or was it the session Cath had with Ms Smeet?

Would you like to see a book focusing on Ms Smeet, from her perspective? That feels like a good challenge to rise to. What does the formidable Ms Smeet do for her own stress relief? Does she have a lover? Is there a corporal connection between Ms Smeet and a possible lover? All good questions.

Big question. What is Ms Smeet’s first name? Now that makes my mind wander. I’m thinking ‘Charlotte’ at the moment.

The book Strictly Learning is my biggest, over 60,000 words and on special promotional pricing for a week or two. I’m tempted to keep it at that price for longer, especially if it translates into sales of other titles.

School Corporal

In my day corporal punishment was an accepted teaching aid at school. It was the cure-all for inattention, talking in class and any number of other indignities a teacher had to suffer.

I remember the fear of corporal punishment, trying hard in class to avoid it, and the few times I received it, it leaving me embarrassed. There was a pain element but standing out the front of class to be strapped and having every eye on me was the worst part.

Looking back on it, it was pretty barbaric to beat children with a strap for any reason yet in my day it didn’t raise an eyebrow.

I’m glad times have changed.


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