Strict Learning uploaded for Release

Coming in at 61,000 words and 150 A4 pages, Strict Learning is my biggest book to date.  I just now checked, the corporal and bondage session goes from page 81 to page 147. It’s a HUGE session.

You get this for $1 – but hurry. It is going up in price very soon.

I just now finished the second full edit and have uploaded it into Amazon for release. I hope any errors or mistakes don’t detract from the book.

Twice as long is Four Times Harder

I’ve found with this book, that as the size gets bigger, the time and difficulty increases disproportionately. Doubling the size of a book increases edit and review time far more than that.

It feels like a factor of four increase in difficulty for a doubling of size.

Why? I’ll have to give this more thought. Maybe it’s a psychological thing, I’m less productive with longer books? Not sure, but it feels like it may be true.

Also, longer stories mean longer plots which are harder to keep together.

More thought required. ‘Trikki

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