About Trikki


Above : Mistress Tish

In the soon to be published "Job Offer" - Book 3 of the Physicist Dominatrix series, Mistress Tish find a job that required a PhD in physics and dominatrix skills.

Query : how do you interview a dominatrix?

Our Approach

Trikki The Writer

Hello. Seems like forever I've been writing BDSM fiction tinged with an elusive twist of real life experience. I particularly like the genre, it being close to my heart.

Our Story

Trikki's Story

Growing up in a normal house in a normal suburb without any hint of anything other than what to many would consider an ideal childhood, I had an interest in BDSM before the term became well known.

Attending a normal school and achieving a normal education, I began taking an interest in things BDSM'ish. The university years morphed into job, family,then finally spare time became available to write that which is close to the heart.

Trikki's Stories

I prefer longer stories, stories with more depth to the characters, but always with a strong BDSM and erotic element.


Physicist Dominatrix

Follow Mistress Tish in her sessions starting with Rick, a corporal only session. Then in Adam's Angel, a session with a happy ending meet sub Angel.

Soon to be published is 'Job Offer' where Mistress Tish is interviewed for her new job, a job using her PhD in physics but she also must use her special skills to whip scientists into shape.


Tigress Training

Unsatisfied? Your relationships not living up to expectations and you feel you need a 'reinvention' to become a more sensual and sexual creature? Then you need to release The Inner Tigress.

To take charge, to own and shake your life as never before, you must submit to learn.


Silent Quivers

The Silent Quivers, lurking beneath the surface, ignite Secret Passions.

Two people who've lost hope, find each other and a deep sexual connection. Then, honesty and respect bring an exploration of a secret passion that unites them.




Mistress Erica's Rejuvenation Clinic

The Fountain Of Youth. What would you give to be Young Again? You would be truly young in body and soul with the passions of your rekindled and burning brightly.

Then, into this passion Mistress Erica introduces you to a new world, a world of fetish and pleasure built on top of plenty of BDSM.

Teaching The Teachers

Classroom discipline should be mirrored in the staff room else how are students to learn properly?

After school in the headmistresses special room, the sound of tawse on palm and the crack of cane on bottom help motivate teacher and parent alike.

Coming soon in 2018

Adjustment Agency

Not achieving at work? Are others being promoted ahead of you? Is success not not happening in your life? Are you not living the life you should?

Then you should visit 'The Adjustment Agency' where strict mentoring leads to a change in attitude, as well as very sore bottoms.

Coming soon in 2018

Next Steps...

Come! Amazon awaits you. Venture forth into the realm of the longer story. Meet Mistress Tish, slaves Darryl, Rick, Robyn and Mandy. Wonder how Judith can meet someone nice, someone to love, then when she finds her soul mate, how will he explain his secret? Marvel at the thought of Mistress Erica making you young again. Become a Tigress.