Job Offer : Mistress Tish At Her Finest

This book, and for no good reason, has been languishing for the last 2 months. In fits and starts it has grown to have three first class corporal sessions, each different and all of them very special. The session with Robyn pleases me every time I revisit on it.

Looking back on this series and the sessions, they are all radically different and each offers insights to pro-domme BDSM sessions with bondage and heavy corporal in abundance. Not only that, but Angel (you remember her from book 2) gets plenty of action and brings steamy happy endings to clients. I do like Angel.

Not only focusing on the BDSM side, the book starts the real story, the story of Mistress Tish pursuing her life’s true love of physics and mathematics.

I’m toying with putting this book on pre-order which will force me to finish it in a timely manner.

The Mistress Tish Story

Underlying all the book is the story of Mistress Tish. Here for the first time (in the third book of this series) her life and loves are exposed. Previously she has been the consummate BDSM mistress. No we see her progression through life.

Here we meet her alter ego, the young woman who grew up then became the Physicist Dominatrix.

Sequel : Base Dominatrix

The sequel to Job Offer has been mostly written. It takes the story forward showing Mistress Tish working her magic on the base scientists, whipping them into shape but also her physics work begins in earnest.

For once she is finding her PhD in physics is being used and she is loving it. She gets to work in her chosen field, and she also gets to stress relieve and do the kind of work she has a special aptitude for.

There are only a few small problems. Oversight by the government accountability office, the chairman of the joint chiefs and the base HR psychiatrist. Can’t they accept success!

Oh. And there are plenty of side-track plots happening, the CIA, SEALs, a German physicist, a town chief of police with near psychic powers and plenty more fun reading.


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