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Now Available - Job Offer

This is the 3rd book in the series and for those in the whole BDSM bondage and corporal scene, this book has plenty to offer.

The previous 2 books have focused on a single session and the lead up to it for the protagonists. This book focuses on Mistress Tish. It is her book.

'Job Offer' is different. Sure, it starts with a brilliant session in the dungeon where Angel brings a nice happy ending after some strict and stern corporal - and the 2 other sessions are different and very pleasing in their own ways.

Most importantly, this book builds in the back story of how Mistress Tish became who she is and some of her early experiences at 'SatisfactionX' the adult services facility.

The Job Interview

This part of the book is my favorite.

How do you interview a dominatrix/physicist for a job? What qualities do you look for when both those skills are required? Then, why on earth would you need a physicist with dominatrix skills? All good questions!

Then, if Mistress Tish is the successful candidate, how on Earth do you settle on a remuneration package? Does this mean you have to bargain with a dominatrix? Good luck with that!



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