Strict Learning Live. First sales are in. Special pricing.

The “Pre-Order” – Strict Learning has just now gone live and I’m seeing the first sales already. Thank You!

I’ve set this 60,000 word book to $1 for the coming week as a promotion – it will then revert to a more sensible pricing.

Strictly Learning Synopsis

For those who’ve not looked, this title is set in a secondary school for problem girls. They’ve got attitude, been expelled from other schools and so this is their last chance to get an education.

Classroom discipline from the predominately female teaching staff is quick and effective. The use of a split strap, a fine leather tawse, to the hands of unruly girls gets their immediate attention and assists in their behavior.

The school is strongly led by headmistress Ms Smeet. She enforces no nonsense strict discipline of the girls using heavy doses of corporal punishment. Taking a note to her office ensures sore hands and makes sitting difficult for a few hours afterwards. Then, if a girls is late to class because of a visit to Ms Smeet, the consequences escalate painfully.

Additionally, some of the teachers and parents find they have a need for corporal punishment at the hands of Ms Smeet who is only too happy to oblige.

Ms Smeet’s Discipline Room

Tall, elegant, direct and strict, Ms Smeet is an ideal headmistress. She understands the use of corporal punishment for behavior modification and to assist students in their education. Have you done your homework? No? Not a problem, take this note to Ms Smeet. You won’t forget again.

Ms Smeet is also attracting staff and parents needing more than the average ‘bend for six of the best’ type discipline. They want restraints and other special extras to enhance their experience. She invests in custom furniture and lots of gear to make their time memorable.

Cath finds that her next session, a huge part of the last part of the book, is more heavy than any previous and when she’s joined by another woman in need of discipline, the session brings new experiences. Never had she imagined that being in bondage, being gagged during discipline, or listening to someone else getting her strapping and canning could work so well.

If you find school corporal punishment from teachers, and a visit to the headmistresses office ‘interesting’, please grab your copy quickly!

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