Robyn’s Session – BDSM with happy endings

Robyn's Session

Robyn Was Unique among Mistress Tish's slaves.

Mistress Tish had a few female clients, all with their own special needs but Robyn was standout the most unusual, but also the one she liked to most. Robyn had a high powered job and the stresses needed regular relief, a relief that heavy corporal and a happy ending brought.

But that wasn't all that was unusual abut Robyn, it was the way Robyn reacted in session that was unique.

Read all about it on SilentQuivers website - blog and free stories.

The only problem was that she could see herself in Robyn. Unless she managed to break the cycle, she could see herself being just like Robyn, her dream unfulfilled, her relationships non existent and her soul damaged.

So, on - lookup Robyns session.


Free Story published tonight

Mistress Tish Mother-Daughter Session Free Story

Later tonight the first chapter of my Dominating Gravity new book will be published on the SilentQuivers website.

Go into the blog and tick the category for Mistress Tish to find it (or them after the next chapter is published).

I’ve noticed also that plenty of other blog posts have been happening there. Some are pretty close to the mark for my own needs.

Special thanks go to Mistress Tish for allowing me to be her unofficial biographer. She’s been remarkably free with her time and candid also considering this is a subject that few find easy to talk about. It has had its special rewards and I am grateful.


Naughty Kinky Short Stories

Back To Good Health

Not wanting to put too fine a point on it, but poor health is the bane of my existence. Some years are good, others not so.

This last 12 months has been truly challenging but now the light at the end of the tunnel does not feel or sound like a speeding steam train rushing forward to end my troubles once and for all.

No. The end of the tunnel look onto an idyllic little place filled with pleasant surprise.

Why? I’ve go on top of the dreaded health issues and at the same time, the fingers have found the keyboard again and begun, well a bit more than that, a new book.

The New Book Cometh

It is the ‘Book Of Naughty Kinky Short Stories’ which pretty much explains it.

If you’ve ready and Trikki books, you’ll find this is in-theme, on point, hits the spot often and with vigor. You get the idea?

What’s in it? Well, after looking at my sales I went rummaging through all my old jottings and extracted some in-theme snippets and am now crafting them into publishable shorts.

Big book of shorts or little? Well, you be the judge. So far the book sits at 298 pages and growing, and I foresee about 300 pages will bring it in.

Any More Hits?

Nope – but here is a summary. Not a hint. This is it, so far.

Fantasy Discovery : Emily

A woman tries out the fifty shades experience at a facility specializing in making fantasies come true. She signs up for a ‘heavy’ session that will push her to the limits of endurance, and also to the limits of her orgasmic capability.

But that’s not all. Her best friend Jen finds that the new Emily is up for more fun than she could imagine.

Classroom Strap

This is the prequel to “Strict Learning” where brand new teacher Cath Simpson discovers the educational qualities of a split leather strap when it is applied to the outstretched palms of naughty girls in her class. And that is not all.

Post Millennial Report Card

Ever seen a ‘millennial’ and thought how a good old fashioned dose of discipline would help, and in many cases, is desperately needed? How much would you like to see an entitled millennial kneeling for a dose of the tawse then bent over the chair for the cane and strap? Here you can.

In this alternate reality, doing well at school is essential. Each Friday the family website is updated with a performance report from school then corrective action is taken to ensure all students maintain their A grade averages.

Worst of all however is the public nature. Anyone can view their records and, to add to their woes, add poor performance black marks or criticize behavior that will then cause more discipline to be incurred.

Then on the Sunday night their Supervisor visits when the family is evaluated and their millennial mother is assessed and corrective action taken.

In this alternate reality corporal punishment curbs the entitled attitude seen decades before that brought civilization to its knees.

Solo Night

Long before meeting her, Rick from ‘Judith’s Awakening’ does some serious self bondage for an evening of release and immersion into his kink. A lovely drifting off from an extended self bondage time when his imagination runs riot.

Date Night For Mistress

A naked man kneels at the feet of mistress, quivering in anticipation. He knows the session will be grueling and yet oh so fulfilling.

But what about mistress? Where is her relief? Where is her intimate contact?

This is the story of Mistress Tish breaking in her brand new boyfriend.

Monthly Maintenance

The mothers group meets each week for a catch up. One mother finds that her husband’s behavior is not unique and that others have found an ideal solution in the form of a monthly return to basics, to a grounding of the person via a special facility seeing to discipline needs.

The Strapubus

Drinks after work, trying to get some relaxation from the stresses of a busy day was all he was after.

Into his life came the ‘Strapubus’ a woman who’s needs were so similar to his own initially, but her solution means immersion into a new life style.

Sorority Freshmen

Being a double virgin when she started at the frat house meant that she had so much to learn but the duty Dom was there to help, to ease her into her new life.

An alternate reality where relationships are defined by their sexual and BDSM orientation.

The Magic Strap

All the suitors for his hand in marriage, to one day be queen, show the most woeful attitude to his subjects and to himself. That is till one day a princess arrives who takes his heart, but she has some serious flaws that need remedial and urgent attention.

A fairy tale setting where the prince needs to help the princess find true love and true pleasure. You would never guess how!

The Woodshed MILF

A session by Mistress Tish for clients needing the strict MILF experience, along with a touch of woodshed. They need to be bent over the saddle, to have the MILF take off her belt or use some sturdy saddle straps on their behinds. Then for some, the girl next door also needs some woodshed time, and more, if they are very lucky.

Fetish Friday

This is a story for lovers of bondage, and femdom discipline with plenty of cunnilingus.

Jill, Judith’s best friend, gate crashes their fetish Friday session of B&D. Little does Jill know the depths of kink that Judith and Rick indulge in, and equally, little does she realize how and where her participation will go.

This is an except from an unreleased book in the ‘Silent Quivers’ series, where Rick and Judith find that his passion for kink adds nicely to passion for Judith.

The TED Talk

If Rick from two of the short stories in this book was going to give a TEDxxx talk, this would be it. It outlines his kink and his life’s experiences. This is not an erotic story as such, more a story of kink and self discovery. For those of a similar nature, it may provide insight.

Base Domme


Base Domme (Book-4)

Book-3 of the Physicist Dominatrix will be released in a few hours time, I uploaded the last revision just an hour ago, and it is a good feeling to finally get it 'done' or at least as done as I can make it.

I read in another blog somewhere about the 'Cult Of Done' (worth googling) and the thing that struck me strongest was 'Perfect gets in the way of a Done' - or something similar.

What does this mean? For me, it means I could easily spend a year editing and re-editing a book and never get it released as I'm looking for a perfect. Each time I come back and do some editing, I get side tracked into something... and time marches on without any apparent progress.

So. After my protracted illness, I achieved a 'done' with book-3, Job Offer and I'm happy. It was fun to write and now, being part of a series, it is fun to use as the stepping stone into the next book. I know I'll edit it again in the coming months and I'll release it again, but for now it is, you guessed it, done.

The Adventure Continues

The Physicist Dominatrix books have all been about BDSM Sessions in a dungeon with just a tiny amount of side story. Book-3 Job Offer snuck some actual side-story in by exploring how Mistress Tish was created from the uber-geek Loretta. Then, later, the story really kicked in with her Job Interview (and what a pleasure that was).

Now the adventure continues and the actual story line takes shape. All of a sudden Mistress Tish is now working as a theoretical physicist in a lab full time and her special skills are used only occasionally.

Yikes! We have an actual story line to follow. Not just one big thrash-fest in the dungeon for our leather clad protagonist.

So where is this going you ask? The answer is of course 'as Mistress wishes.'


'Base Domme' exists in a mostly written form (as opposed to rough ideas in my head... it exists). Its start needs a little work as does when she <spoilers> as well as the way her <spoilers> is located and arranged.

I have a sequel to this book also which I am thinking of merging as it is and ideal addition as it leads to a fine climax (sigh).

So, when will it be released? I'm thinking maybe around July. I haven't got a cover designed yet, annoyingly, so that will need to be addressed soon. I think I know pretty much where this is heading and how far. 'Les... you reading this... email me!'

More news as it happens. I'll attempt to release some snippets from this new book soon.



Now Available


Now Available - Job Offer

This is the 3rd book in the series and for those in the whole BDSM bondage and corporal scene, this book has plenty to offer.

The previous 2 books have focused on a single session and the lead up to it for the protagonists. This book focuses on Mistress Tish. It is her book.

'Job Offer' is different. Sure, it starts with a brilliant session in the dungeon where Angel brings a nice happy ending after some strict and stern corporal - and the 2 other sessions are different and very pleasing in their own ways.

Most importantly, this book builds in the back story of how Mistress Tish became who she is and some of her early experiences at 'SatisfactionX' the adult services facility.

The Job Interview

This part of the book is my favorite.

How do you interview a dominatrix/physicist for a job? What qualities do you look for when both those skills are required? Then, why on earth would you need a physicist with dominatrix skills? All good questions!

Then, if Mistress Tish is the successful candidate, how on Earth do you settle on a remuneration package? Does this mean you have to bargain with a dominatrix? Good luck with that!



The Flu


End Of Winter Flu

It is a vexation to the spirit to be struck down at the end of winter with a debilitating flu.

I mean, if it happened in the middle of winter, you sort of feel "ok, that's fair enough, I got sick in winter" and you wear it. But to get through the depths of a white Christmas and then feel happy to have made it thus far without succumbing to the dreaded influenza, only to get it now, it feels unfair.

I suppose, and I've heard it said before, that in the depth of winter the flu virus struggles to survive in the open in the cold. Only when it is starting to get warmer does it linger longer and make infection more likely. Well, that seems to be the case for me.

The problem is that this flu is a killer. Truly, just reading what happened in other countries is a serious concern and now it is here. For me, the symptoms of unbelievable weakness, shaking, temperature, loss of appetite and hardly able to walk were the start of it. then, over a few days I felt worse. Laying, dozing through the day, sipping fluids and eating a little toast and honey kept me alive for a week. During the worst of the symptoms I was sure I'd die, then then when that passed after about 10 days I ws surprised I didn't die.

Seriously, this is the worst flu I've ever had.

Flu = No Writing

I've been away from the keyboard for 3 weeks now, and only just come back to working on my books. Damn but that is annoying. Anyway, I'm back to work.

The problem is that I committed to the release of a book very soon and there are some early sales. I really don't want to let those people down so I've put in a few very full days polishing the book. Luckily it was almost done some 2 months ago, all it needed was cleanup and 'sanity checking' which is now mostly done.

Big News - Job Offer Ready for sale

I set this book for pre-order and thank heavens I gave myself plenty of time. With the flu, I've only just made it, but, yay, it is ready NOW. It will be delivered to those pre-ordering on the 16th of April. Thank you for your confidence.

This is the 3rd physicist dominatrix book and, genuinely, I've loved writing it.


Well Some Reasons;

  1. It gets Mistress Tish into a career which uses her PhD in physics and math
  2. It hilights Mistress Tish in a meeting for the job. The job interview. Truly, I spent more time writing this 1/4 of the book than the remainder and it is a favorite. Good Fun.
  3. Robyn. I love Robyn. You'll have to read the book to find out why, but, teaser, I modeled her on an ex-boss and his PA.
  4. Judith and Rick make a return. Judith is from the Silent Quivers "Judiths Awakening" book and Rick from "Ricks First Session". Having these two in a session is a personal dream.
  5. Mistress Tish herself. I give more feeling to the woman, the dominatrix, the physicist and how she was made. This is a character building book.

Anyway, "Job Offer" will be ready and on sale in about a day. Please consider.





Update – Back To Work


Well, I checked today and saw it's been a month since my last post. Wow, time has flown. So, what has Trikki been up to?

Simple answer; traveling in body and spirit.

Sight Seeing

Traveling to remote parts of the country, meeting the people and experiencing even the small parts of their lives that I can is a rare pleasure.

Having a connection to real people is the only way to love life and how could a writer attempt to publish anything without some kind of connection to people?

Sure, my writings are very fetish, niche erotica but people are people.

The other thing is that meeting people from all walks of life grounds me. There are so many lovely people out in the world ready to talk and connect. They all have a story.

Letting the mind wander

For a writer of erotica, letting the mind wander is always risky. You never know what might pop in. This time and for no good reason I penned the outline for "Full Service Sorority."

The skinny on this is a frat house where BDSM is the accepted norm. Students are under the care of a 'Duty Domme' with plenty of BDSM activities to keep them on their toes.



Strict Learning, new pricing

I do hope I haven’t upset anyone but I’ve increased the price of Strict Learning to more truly reflect its content. It was set at $1 to see what the sales were, and for a 60,000 word book that took months to write, that is a crazy price.

Pricing is a strange thing. I want to sell more books, yet I want to make some money. It costs about $30usd to get a quality front cover made and that represents, for a small unknown author, quite a few sales. So, selling for $1 makes no commercial sense.

Then, I think to my own reading tastes. I would happily pay more for a longer book with plenty of content like there is in Strict Learning.

I hope you agree.

Trikki Favorite Books

Does Trikki have favorites?

Yes, I do! It’s sort of like saying I have a favorite child but these are books and they suit different people with different tastes. So, I feel embarrassed to say I do have favorites.

The following comments are of course very much up to how I feel at the time. Some days I identify with one book, other days can be vastly different.

I keep an eye on what gets read and purchased and I try to reconcile that with my own tastes for what I’ve written. It is all a bit of a mind game.

I also feel it’s ‘narcissistic’ when I go back and re-read some of my books, but I can’t help it. I only write about things I enjoy and can identify with.

Anyway, what comes out from my analysis is that that things of my own that I like the best seldom have the same appeal to others. I love ‘Judith’s Awakening’ for example, because it speaks to my feminine side. I just love the whole finding love and romance and breaking out of the routine to find love and something new thing. It feels so exciting when I re-read this one and I kind of wish it was me. Equally, ‘Ricks First Session’ I thought would be least popular and it is strangely the opposite. I wonder if is it people wanting to read about what a pro-domme session in a dungeon is like? Maybe that is it? I can reveal that this book is close to real life, very close (exactly so in some places) and the mistresses name is K…A and she did leave for Europe. Sigh.

Favorite for corporal & Kink

The ‘Strict Learning’ story is my favorite, it takes me back in time to my school days, but it also takes it a lot further.

This is a favorite tale from a finding love basis and throwing in the corporal and then at the end, the bondage makes it appealing. I like it for the corporal and kink.

Fun protagonist and a good story

Mistress Tish every time. She is great. She makes no attempt to be anyone other than herself, is down to earth, loves her work and is just plain fun.

Rick’s First Session and Adam’s Angel were taster books with Mistress Tish as the dominatrix in a fem domme session. These were just ‘taster books’ of Mistress Tish.

Soon to be published is Mistress Tish in ‘Job Offer’ and it is all about her. There are some great corporal sessions in there and the book is worthwhile just to read about ‘Robyn’ having a session. I pulled Robyn from real life, in a previous job, and had a lot of fun with her also. Robyn was a shocker!

Mistress Tish is hugely fun to write for and her exploits please at every level. She;s an Action Gal. The Dommest With The Mostest.

For a happy story

As I said above, for a story that pleases me and offers hope, with people enjoying their life, discovering themselves and an inner shared happiness, ‘Judith’s Awakening’ is very close to my heart.

Every time I read this book I move to where Judith and Rick have a first-time with Rick’s gear and then the happy times between the rubber sheets appeal so much. Damn but that appeals.

Since I’m Getting Older

Getting older really is a pain some times, all those things I can’t do that I did when I was younger, and sometimes I just wish I was in my 20’s again. I’ll never be a model again, damn.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be young and care free with the world at my feet. Better than that, the thought of knowing what I know now and being young again is fabulously attractive.

Then the thought of really being young again. Actually have the body younger, losing all the effects of age, having the mind razor sharp and crisp… YES PLEASE.

That’s where ‘Young Again’ and Mistress Erica and her strap came from. I’d go there to stay in an instant to look and actually be twenty again and the kink, with what I know now, would be hugely appealing.

My goodness YES PLEASE. Count me in!

Would you want to be 20 again? I’m sure very few people would reject that treatment with all its benefits.

Trikkis Books

Roundup of Book by Trikki Watson

Here is some summary information about my current and also some soon to be published books.

I started publishing these in November 2017 from material I’d written over the previous decade.

Rick’s First Session

Rick must find a new dominatrix for the regular heavy corporal sessions he needs. After a disappointing false start, he finds Mistress Tish who’s love of corporal and enthusiasm makes her ideal.

Rick has a great collection of gear he’s collected over the years and Mistress Tish takes full advantage of it for a grueling heavy corporal session.

Then after the session, Rick has a very pleasant self bondage time in his special bedroom.

There isn’t any sex in this book but lots of heavy corporal and a great self bondage time at the end after the session.

The sequel ‘Judith’s Awakening’ continues on with the protagonist and introduces Judith who finds the BDSM more to her liking than she expected.

This was my first published book and has been remarkably popular. It’s close to some real life experiences and perhaps that comes out and is the cause for its popularity. Without any sex or ‘happy ending’, the popularity of this book surprises me. Then again, good bondage and discipline doesn’t need a lot of sex.

Adam’s Angel

This is the story of a pro dominatrix session in a dungeon given by Mistress Tish.

Adam needs his sessions, his stress builds and builds until he finds it hard to function. Then he has a session with Mistress Tish in the dungeon with full service sub Angel and they make everything better for him.

This has a great corporal and bondage session with lots of lovely corporal and a very happy ending. The ever useful house slave also gets his special reward too.

Job Offer

A much larger book chronicling the life of Loretta as she transitions from high school to university, then finds making ends meet means a part time job is essential. As she pursues her university education, in her part time job she is drawn into BDSM work and so Mistress Tish is created, then becomes the Physicist Dominatrix.

Working in a dungeon is something she likes and is good at, but her PhD in physics and mathematics is not getting the use she would like. Unfortunately the job market for fresh out of university physicists is small but not as small as for physicist with dominatrix skills.

So, while she looks for a physics job, she continues on with sessions, enjoying them with a stable of willing clients needing her special skills.

Then wonders will never cease, she is offered a job that uses her PhD in physics but also requires her dominatrix skills. What could possibly go wrong?

There are plenty of dungeon sessions, a return by Rick and Judith for a wonderful session, and some lovely happy endings. Foul mouthed Robyn cursing out her boss in a corporal session is a highlight, and Angel is such a naughty sub who needs her discipline also.

Question – so, how do you interview a physicist dominatrix? Is a ‘skills assessment’ in order and who does the assessment and where?

Strict Learning

This is a story for those harking back to those days of school discipline when the cane and the strap (tawse) ruled supreme and a visit to the head meant presenting a hand, or bending for six of the best, and in this book, both.

Set in a school for ‘last-chance’ students who’ve been expelled from others, Ms Smeet the headmistress imposes a strict disciplinary regime. Students understand their limits and know the consequences of a visit to Ms Smeet far outweigh their regular doses of the classroom strap.

The book follows Cath who’s own need for corporal periodically flares, making an out of hours visit to Ms Smeet and her special room mandatory for her peace of mind.

Judith’s Awakening

Rick and Judith each find themselves single and accepting that romance and love may not come their way. Judith with two failed marriages and Rick with a single divorce each have their own special needs. For Judith, the quick sex dating scene has long since paled. She just wants to find an intelligent caring man she can have a conversation with, plus all the benefits she misses would be nice.

For Rick it is a love of bondage and discipline with fetish that makes finding a suitable life partner difficult. Each time he finds someone he connects with, his need to be honest means the relationship ends.

Everything changes when he meets Judith and something is awakened in her, something special that she and Rick can share.

Plenty of romantic first meeting sex then some lovely B&D exploration with sweaty fetish fun between the rubber sheets.

This is a particularly pleasing book for those with a silent quiver, a secret passion that is unrequited and have lost hope of finding someone.

Fetish Friday

Judith and Rick make their B&D with fetish fun a regular Friday night event, something to look forward to all week. Most times Rick finds himself in bondage on the bed in the play room with Judith exercising her inner dominatrix and finding that belts can be so useful and in more ways than she thought possible.

There’s plenty of sex, bondage and discipline then steamy nights between the rubber sheets.

That is until Jill gate crashes their Fetish Friday. Naughty Jill.

Young Again

Charlie the original super model, only dimly remembering the roaring and raging of the ‘60s and her antics with staff in the drying out clinics. She finds that living in a retirement home ‘waiting for God’ is less than pleasing. That is until she finds ‘The Rejuvenation Clinic’ which offers a real chance at a second youth.

This is the story of a real fountain of youth – with a serious B&D twist and some stinging red bottoms that have a very happy ending.

Mistress Erica’s rejuvenation clinic helps Charlie become young again, but also exposes her to the secret passions that only a rejuvenated body and BDSM can bring.

Unleashing Morgan

Morgan is sick and tired of her ‘vanilla’ life wanting so much more happiness and fulfillment. She finds references to a unique training system that awakens a longing inside her, a longing for some kink she’s never tried.

This is a book about training and exploration of a persons innermost secret fantasies. Lots of happy endings with bondage, plenty of corporal and some lovely fetish. Plus a cameo appearance of some strict robots!