Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hello, the internet is full of erotic BDSM writers. What does Trikki offer? How is Trikki different? Tell me about Trikki.

Why BDSM based erotica?

If you need to ask the question, then perhaps my answer won't make sense.

Because it is captivating, titillating, erotic yet also deeply satisfying. It produces the 'silent quiver' of a 'secret passion.'

Help! More information. I'm BDSM conflicted.

I don't blame you. My dear friend Rick went through hell on this for a few decades. There are so many resources on the web I strongly suggest you peruse.

Also, do try this one -

I'm thinking of 'coming out' about my BDSM leanings.

Rick did this to his partner and to his disappointment it was not a shared activity. That said, it did clear up some issues and it did produce a greater closeness.
He commented "just remember, what is said cannot be unsaid and BDSM still has a stigma to it."

Do consider reading from -

Is BDSM play safe and sane?

This has the makings of a really good argument.

Safe? Yes and no. If you have a health issue and indulge in BDSM then you may have a problem. Then, if you have a health issue and do any of a number of other things it applies there also. Example, if you have a heart of back complaint and you bungie jump, how safe is that? Using a professional, knowing limits and understanding the type of play are key to success.

Sane? Rick says he questions his sanity when he's in bondage being given a caning that makes his butt bleed. The problem is that he comes back again and again for it. He doesn't have and choice, the same as me. It is what we are drawn to. Different strokes for different folks.

Is there Real Life experience talking?

I would hope that comes out. Bondage, discipline and a lot of dom-sub role play has been in my life for a decade and a half.

Your BDSM is limited in scope. Why?

Absolutely correct. Do lookup the full range of activities, it is huge. Not mentioned unless in passing, are CBT, fisting, knife, water sports, scat... and the list goes on. In truth, I've no real interest in them. We're all individuals, I make no moral or ethical judgement. It is more simple that that, I don't feel a connection.

If that is what you're looking for, then sorry, Trikki doesn't go there.

How long have you been writing?

About a decade ago, Rick met Judith in the Secret Quivers books. That was my first. Mistress Tish came along late in life, in 2017.

The implements you describe. Are they real?

Absolutely. I've seen them. The Canadian Prison Strap isĀ  not for the faint of heart and the off-billet strap is delightfully severe. Do google them.

Who is Rick?

A near and dear friend with a passion for corporal punishment that, he says, "transcends common sense," which I believe.
An upcoming book in 2018 called 'The Long Journey' is taken from Rick's life, how it took him a few decades to go from experimenting with bondage to his first session with a dominatrix. It is very true to life and offers those considering visiting a dominatrix much in the way of information.

Mistress Tish. What of her? And Judith?

Mistress Tish is a creation from stories by Rick of his many dominatrix-mistresses over the years. There are elements of Mistress Kxxxxx, Mistress Gxxx and Mistress Mxxx in there.
Judith is a real person but strong license has been taken with the facts, she never did find out about Rick's little hobby. If you are that Judith, consider, the only similarity would be your lovely nature and one or two other things Rick says a gentleman would never divulge about a lady.

I've just found Mistress Tish's website!

I did also. "" will get you there. Her I.T. slave William broke it, then partially rebuilt it for her.

Teaching The Teachers? Tell me more!

In days gone by in many countries it was believed that beating children made them smarter. Today most countries realize it is a form of child abuse so it has been done away with. And quite rightly so.
This series relives those olden days, when the tawse and the cane ruled supreme in the classroom and students knew the consequences of poor behavior and inattention.
Most of all, this story focuses on two teachers, their sexual connection, then the reality of a strong involvement in BDSM with a strict headmistress.
Snippets (from the original that won't be published on Amazon) will be released on this website.

When was your last session?

Too long ago! My quivers are becoming less than secret.

Who was your last session with?

A particularly lovely professional. During the day a lxxxx professional, at other times a BDSM professional.

Where To Next?

Should there be a destination? Why not just enjoy the journey, continue on with life to live and love.