Trikki Books

Physicist Dominatrix series

Meet Mistress Tish, the dominatrix with a PhD in math and physics.

Rick's First Session - a very heavy corporal session. Lots of belt and strap action.

Adam's Angel - is a corporal session with a happy ending courtesy of sub Angel.

Job Offer - Now available. This explores how Loretta became Mistress Tish.

Base Domme - in 2018 sees Mistress Tish whipping the scientists into shape.

Silent Quivers

Deeply erotic romance with strong BDSM play.

Judith's Awakening - finding love after 2 divorces seems impossible, but Rick brings Judith more than love.

Fetish Friday - embracing Rick's little hobby, Friday nights will never be the same again. Then Jill gate crashes.

(soon to be released)

Mistress Ericas Rejuve Clinic

The fountain of youth. What would you pay to have a second youth?

Young Again - 75yo Charlie starts the process to become 25 again. A three day trial makes her look and feel 1o years younger, but it comes at a price. Mistress Erica opens her eyes to new sexual possibilities.

Tigress Training

Change your life, enhance your sexuality, become the Tigress.

Unleashing Morgan - the first step for Morgan to become a new woman. An ideal book for lovers of fetish, bondage, corporal, steamy sex and a cameo appearance by some strict and stern robots.