Naughty Kinky Short Stories

Back To Good Health

Not wanting to put too fine a point on it, but poor health is the bane of my existence. Some years are good, others not so.

This last 12 months has been truly challenging but now the light at the end of the tunnel does not feel or sound like a speeding steam train rushing forward to end my troubles once and for all.

No. The end of the tunnel look onto an idyllic little place filled with pleasant surprise.

Why? I’ve go on top of the dreaded health issues and at the same time, the fingers have found the keyboard again and begun, well a bit more than that, a new book.

The New Book Cometh

It is the ‘Book Of Naughty Kinky Short Stories’ which pretty much explains it.

If you’ve ready and Trikki books, you’ll find this is in-theme, on point, hits the spot often and with vigor. You get the idea?

What’s in it? Well, after looking at my sales I went rummaging through all my old jottings and extracted some in-theme snippets and am now crafting them into publishable shorts.

Big book of shorts or little? Well, you be the judge. So far the book sits at 298 pages and growing, and I foresee about 300 pages will bring it in.

Any More Hits?

Nope – but here is a summary. Not a hint. This is it, so far.

Fantasy Discovery : Emily

A woman tries out the fifty shades experience at a facility specializing in making fantasies come true. She signs up for a ‘heavy’ session that will push her to the limits of endurance, and also to the limits of her orgasmic capability.

But that’s not all. Her best friend Jen finds that the new Emily is up for more fun than she could imagine.

Classroom Strap

This is the prequel to “Strict Learning” where brand new teacher Cath Simpson discovers the educational qualities of a split leather strap when it is applied to the outstretched palms of naughty girls in her class. And that is not all.

Post Millennial Report Card

Ever seen a ‘millennial’ and thought how a good old fashioned dose of discipline would help, and in many cases, is desperately needed? How much would you like to see an entitled millennial kneeling for a dose of the tawse then bent over the chair for the cane and strap? Here you can.

In this alternate reality, doing well at school is essential. Each Friday the family website is updated with a performance report from school then corrective action is taken to ensure all students maintain their A grade averages.

Worst of all however is the public nature. Anyone can view their records and, to add to their woes, add poor performance black marks or criticize behavior that will then cause more discipline to be incurred.

Then on the Sunday night their Supervisor visits when the family is evaluated and their millennial mother is assessed and corrective action taken.

In this alternate reality corporal punishment curbs the entitled attitude seen decades before that brought civilization to its knees.

Solo Night

Long before meeting her, Rick from ‘Judith’s Awakening’ does some serious self bondage for an evening of release and immersion into his kink. A lovely drifting off from an extended self bondage time when his imagination runs riot.

Date Night For Mistress

A naked man kneels at the feet of mistress, quivering in anticipation. He knows the session will be grueling and yet oh so fulfilling.

But what about mistress? Where is her relief? Where is her intimate contact?

This is the story of Mistress Tish breaking in her brand new boyfriend.

Monthly Maintenance

The mothers group meets each week for a catch up. One mother finds that her husband’s behavior is not unique and that others have found an ideal solution in the form of a monthly return to basics, to a grounding of the person via a special facility seeing to discipline needs.

The Strapubus

Drinks after work, trying to get some relaxation from the stresses of a busy day was all he was after.

Into his life came the ‘Strapubus’ a woman who’s needs were so similar to his own initially, but her solution means immersion into a new life style.

Sorority Freshmen

Being a double virgin when she started at the frat house meant that she had so much to learn but the duty Dom was there to help, to ease her into her new life.

An alternate reality where relationships are defined by their sexual and BDSM orientation.

The Magic Strap

All the suitors for his hand in marriage, to one day be queen, show the most woeful attitude to his subjects and to himself. That is till one day a princess arrives who takes his heart, but she has some serious flaws that need remedial and urgent attention.

A fairy tale setting where the prince needs to help the princess find true love and true pleasure. You would never guess how!

The Woodshed MILF

A session by Mistress Tish for clients needing the strict MILF experience, along with a touch of woodshed. They need to be bent over the saddle, to have the MILF take off her belt or use some sturdy saddle straps on their behinds. Then for some, the girl next door also needs some woodshed time, and more, if they are very lucky.

Fetish Friday

This is a story for lovers of bondage, and femdom discipline with plenty of cunnilingus.

Jill, Judith’s best friend, gate crashes their fetish Friday session of B&D. Little does Jill know the depths of kink that Judith and Rick indulge in, and equally, little does she realize how and where her participation will go.

This is an except from an unreleased book in the ‘Silent Quivers’ series, where Rick and Judith find that his passion for kink adds nicely to passion for Judith.

The TED Talk

If Rick from two of the short stories in this book was going to give a TEDxxx talk, this would be it. It outlines his kink and his life’s experiences. This is not an erotic story as such, more a story of kink and self discovery. For those of a similar nature, it may provide insight.