15 December 2019 - Breaking News. The first chapter of my new book Dominating Gravity has been published on the Silent Quivers website. Head on over and look in the blog. If dungeon sessions and BDSM with corporal and bondage are your thing, you'll like this very much. Special thanks to Mistress Tish for allowing me to publish details of one of her mom-daughter sessions.

14 November 2019 - Breaking News. An affiliated website has had a total rebuild. If your interest or angst is with BDSM then the silent quivers website has a range of resources for you.

Also, the blog has been re-written with anecdotes and stories, many of which my books have been based on (with permission).

Free Stories

Wondering what Trikki writes?

Well, this is the place to discover just that. Click on the Free Stories link to meet some of Trikki's protagonists.

These are short stories, typically around the 2,500 word mark that should appeal to the BDSM, CP, fetish and bondage enthusiast.

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Published Stories

Looking a little deeper than many, Trikki BDSM erotica stories are also a little longer. I like my characters to have more heart and soul than most, to be real people who live and love and share their hearts most secret passions.

Please head on over to Amazon, search for 'Trikki Watson' for all my published stories.

This website also has a list of published stories, a few excerpts and unpublished snippets that may help in your selection.

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Trikki News

Now Available is "Job Offer" - which may sound un-BDSMish - but how many jobs for a physics PhD require a dominatrix background? Then, how do you interview a dominatrix? Is there a 'skills test' or similar? This longer book has plenty of heavy corporal sessions and brings the reader a new appreciation of Mistress Tish.

Recently Published is "Strict Learning" - the first book in the "Teaching Teachers" series. The scene is a school for last chance students, all having been previously expelled from other schools. Here Ms Smeet the headmistress applies strap and cane to ensure school discipline is met. It's not just the students who are disciplined either as teachers and parents find. This and the sequel to this book sees some very steamy corporal sessions in Ms Smeets special discipline room.

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I'd love you to head on over to Amazon and search for me, 'Trikki Watson' where you'll find all my stories.

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