The Flu


End Of Winter Flu

It is a vexation to the spirit to be struck down at the end of winter with a debilitating flu.

I mean, if it happened in the middle of winter, you sort of feel "ok, that's fair enough, I got sick in winter" and you wear it. But to get through the depths of a white Christmas and then feel happy to have made it thus far without succumbing to the dreaded influenza, only to get it now, it feels unfair.

I suppose, and I've heard it said before, that in the depth of winter the flu virus struggles to survive in the open in the cold. Only when it is starting to get warmer does it linger longer and make infection more likely. Well, that seems to be the case for me.

The problem is that this flu is a killer. Truly, just reading what happened in other countries is a serious concern and now it is here. For me, the symptoms of unbelievable weakness, shaking, temperature, loss of appetite and hardly able to walk were the start of it. then, over a few days I felt worse. Laying, dozing through the day, sipping fluids and eating a little toast and honey kept me alive for a week. During the worst of the symptoms I was sure I'd die, then then when that passed after about 10 days I ws surprised I didn't die.

Seriously, this is the worst flu I've ever had.

Flu = No Writing

I've been away from the keyboard for 3 weeks now, and only just come back to working on my books. Damn but that is annoying. Anyway, I'm back to work.

The problem is that I committed to the release of a book very soon and there are some early sales. I really don't want to let those people down so I've put in a few very full days polishing the book. Luckily it was almost done some 2 months ago, all it needed was cleanup and 'sanity checking' which is now mostly done.

Big News - Job Offer Ready for sale

I set this book for pre-order and thank heavens I gave myself plenty of time. With the flu, I've only just made it, but, yay, it is ready NOW. It will be delivered to those pre-ordering on the 16th of April. Thank you for your confidence.

This is the 3rd physicist dominatrix book and, genuinely, I've loved writing it.


Well Some Reasons;

  1. It gets Mistress Tish into a career which uses her PhD in physics and math
  2. It hilights Mistress Tish in a meeting for the job. The job interview. Truly, I spent more time writing this 1/4 of the book than the remainder and it is a favorite. Good Fun.
  3. Robyn. I love Robyn. You'll have to read the book to find out why, but, teaser, I modeled her on an ex-boss and his PA.
  4. Judith and Rick make a return. Judith is from the Silent Quivers "Judiths Awakening" book and Rick from "Ricks First Session". Having these two in a session is a personal dream.
  5. Mistress Tish herself. I give more feeling to the woman, the dominatrix, the physicist and how she was made. This is a character building book.

Anyway, "Job Offer" will be ready and on sale in about a day. Please consider.





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