Strict Learning, Teaching Teachers Series, edit complete

I’ve just finished editing Strict Learning the first book of the ‘Teaching Teachers’ series and my next to be released. It’s on pre-order now.

Editing has chopped nearly 2,000 words from it, leaving it at around 59,800 words and I’m appy with it. It has an enormous amount of action in there. My goodness! So much action.

Maybe I should have made it into 3 books as there are three distinct aspects to it. Classroom discipline, the bedroom action, then a massive femdom session at the end.

After going through it word for word, it is apparent it is a book for lovers of corporal punishment, bondage and lovely steamy sex. There is a LOT of corporal in there and the sex is rather nice.

Over the coming days I’ll edit it in key places then upload for release. Do please consider.

Pre-release special order pricing

If school discipline and the cane and strap hold a special place for you, then Strict Learning / Teaching Teachers is for you.

Do please checkout the pre-order. It is on special pricing for just one week after release.


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